The Internal Complaints Committee of Adamas University took the initiative to organise a Gender Sensitisation Workshop on Saturday 22 June 2019. This was the first such initiative, mandatory by law and UGC Regulations that was held in the campus.

The workshop was conducted by the external member of the Committee Ms Soma Sinha who is also a widely experienced trainer, a social worker with Hope Foundation, Kolkata.

There were 47 participants in attendance that included senior members of the administration, Deans of Schools, Heads of Departments, seven ICC members and Hostel wardens. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Madhusudan Chakraborty inaugurated the Seminar after the Presiding Officer of the ICC, Professor Jayati Gupta welcomed the delegates. It was a very lively interactive session that emerged when Ms Sinha introduced the various components of the Module. While the concept of Gender was explained, the session covered gender diversity in Indian perspective. International and national laws on Gender including the HeforShe movement by UN was discussed. A power point, short movie clip, group activity based on case studies opened up discussions on gender bias, social problems and how these can be handled. The basic question that was explored is what constituted sexual harassment at the workplace and what is the definition of ‘workplace’. The post lunch session introduced the POSH Act, Legal History behind the formulation of the Act and the psychology behind sexual harassment.

The responsibility of the ICC and Management was clearly outlined and the Vice Chancellor at the very outset had set the tone of the Workshop by declaring unequivocally that the University administration would not tolerate any instance of gender discrimination or sexual harassment. The university seeks to provide a secure environment for students, faculty and all employees.

Participants came up with suggestions about how safety and security of staff and students can be stepped up and how more awareness needed to be created. Faculty in the School of Law and Justice and ICC member Ms Rajrupa Sinha Roy reported that a Policy on Sexual harassment was being framed by experts to be vetted and implemented by the University. Suggestions on these matters are invited by the ICC and on this positive note of future actions to be taken, the workshop ended with a vote of thanks rendered by Dr. Moumita Mukherjee.

Judging from the response of attendees, the Workshop was very enjoyable and encouraging.