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The School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies at Adamas University offers an insightful, research focused, modern curriculum that aims to inculcate within students’ ideas ranging from classical to post-human studies. The curriculum is designed to educate students who will contribute to the holistic development of the society, with a special emphasis on critical thinking, empathy and global awareness.

The School of Liberal Arts and Culture Studies takes pride in offering a curriculum fulfilling the requirements of both academia and industry. It seeks to establish a inter and multidisciplinary research driven temperament within the students from an early stage of their career.

Regular dialogue between eminent professors of the academia and leading thinkers with students is facilitated through career enhancing seminars, conferences, workshops, internships, projects, educational tours, entrepreneurial and skill development platforms. Our school follows an advanced course curriculum (guided by UGC CBCS policy & outcome-based education) specially designed to be one of the pioneers in the field of liberal studies in India.


Fostering excellence, shaping the conversation about higher education, and nurturing new age leaders and social technocrats, who are resourceful problem solvers, constructing and respecting a culturally diverse, technologically advanced, and globally conscious community, and enabling the enactment of a new paradigm for liberal education that retains the proven values of a broad education while imparting career-oriented skills.

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  • To promote inclusive education to inculcate excellence in academic innovation with extensive professionalism through career-oriented but merged with mainstream studies.
  • To offer resourceful educational practices that moulds the evolving new generation towards academic direction under the advocates of liberal learning.
  • To inculcate research mind among them and to acquaint them with interdisciplinary knowledge that matches the global economic orientation.
  • To ensure the acquisition of skills essential for a professionally equipped career.
  • Capable of critically visualizing the issues and look for logical analysis through the development of creatively and communicative skills among the new age youth trained up to work as a social being, handling the issues and problems through their technocratic culture. The future professionals and the problem solver.
  • A creative Researcher, a regiment of academically oriented future trainer and problem solver   with enormous sports and spirit, a problem-solving future generation.


  • First School for Liberal Arts in Eastern part of India
  • Only School in Eastern part of country with 4-year Under Graduate and 5-year Post Graduate Program with multiple exit options in line with NEP (National Education Policy).
  • Unique inter and multi-disciplinary subject (major-minor) combinations with a blend of track specialization to augment critical thinking, complex problem solving and innovation for impact and change.
  • Internship and capstone opportunity in premier institutions in India and abroad.
  • Opportunity for holistic development of student through the right mix of subjects laced with innovative projects mentored by industry experts.

Prof. (Dr.) Tridib Chakraborti

Emeritus Professor & Dean

Prof. Dr. Tridib Chakraborti was a Professor and Former-Head of the Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.  He did his B.A, M.A, M. Phil and Ph.D from the Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University. He is an expert of South, Southeast Asian and Asia Pacific Affairs, Indian Political Thought and Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies. He has written more than 61 book chapters published in various edited books on different topics related to Southeast and South Asia, Indian political thought and foreign policy, published by Routledge (London), Frontpage Publications (London), Malaysian Centre for Ethnic Studies, Selangor, Malaysia, Institute of South East Asian Studies Publications (Singapore), Concept Publisher, Shipra Publications, Pentagon Press, New Century Publications, Pearson, Knowledge World Publishers, Gyan, Monahar, Allied Publisher, RIS of New Delhi, etc. His has published 5 books, of which the latest one from Taylor and Francisis, Routledge, London, in February 2023. He has co-edited 9 books on International Relations and also wrote more than 73 scholarly articles in internationally and nationally referred and peer reviewed reputed journals. He travels abroad frequently to deliver lectures and attend huge number of International Seminars and Conferences, In 2015, he has been selected as a visiting Professor of ICCR Chair at Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. He was the former Professor and Dean, School of Social Sciences, ADAMAS University, Barasat, West Bengal, Kolkata-700126 and currently joined as Emeritus Professor, School of Liberal Arts and Cultural Studies of the same University.

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  1. The school has been able to innovate and design a futuristic Liberal Studies program which is premised on core learning in the major, enhancing understanding of application of the core knowledge in the field and build capacities for application for problems solving. This triple helix rests on profound foundation basket.
  2. There is a continuous effort and endeavour on the part of the faculty member to research and publish in international journal of high repute with high impact factor
  3. The faculty members at the School received research grant and fellowship in the year 2022
  4. Apart from regular teaching learning the school encourage, engagements of students and faculty together on the research project. Recently, the school launched Centre for Study of Contemporary Theory and Research under the leadership of Dean, SoLACS.


Student of SoLACS have been involved in capstone project and internships. Several students were provided with PPOs after they successfully completed their internship with some of the reputed organisation and industries


Sr. no. Amount Received Grant received by Funding Agency
1 Research grant

8 lacs

Asst. Prof. Jitendra Nayak ICSSR, JNU, 2022
2 Research Seminar grant


Asst. Prof. Jitendra Nayak SICI Shastri Indo Canada Research Grant of 25 thousand in collaboration with JNU New Delhi, March 2022
3 20,000/ Rimi Nandy Bucknell University Summer Institute Fellowships.

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